City of Linden

Located at 104 S. Main St., Linden, TX

Mailing address: P.O. Box 419, Linden, TX 75563​

Phone: (903)756-7502

The City Hall is the center for all City services. The City provides water and sewer service for customers who live in areas that the City can serve. All of the City has access to water and most of it has sewer service. You can call in problems with any City services Monday thru Friday 7am to 5:30 pm. The City phone number is 903 756-7502. City ordinances are available at City Hall and questions on City functions can be answered at City Hall.

The City of Linden operates as a General Law City.  The City has an elected Mayor and five City Council Members or "Aldermen".  The City has a City Administrator who is responsible to the Mayor and Aldermen for the daily running of the City.   

Linden City Council Members

The City Council serves as the legislative and governing body of the city. A mayor and five aldermen are elected to their respective offices by the qualified voters of the city. All positions are elected at large, meaning no council member represents a specific area or district of the city. The mayor is the official head of the city government for all ceremonial duties and serves as the chairperson of all council meetings. The mayor pro tem is appointed by the mayor and serves during the absence of the mayor.

Your City Government at Work

You are welcome to attend City Council meetings; which are held on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 PM, unless otherwise posted by the City Secretary. The meetings are held at the Linden Senior Citizens Center located at 507 S. Kaufman.

For City Council Agendas, look under City Files.

For upcoming meetings, go to our Events page.

Call the City Secretary’s office for more information, 903-756-7502. P.O. Box 419

Mayor Clarence Burns
Mayor Pro Tem Mike Berry
Alderman Kenny Hamilton 
Alderman Jeanie Stevens
Alderman Chuck Evans
Alderman Frank Lanier