Frequently Asked Questions

Linden uses the 2015 International Building Code.

You may not place a Mobile Home within the City without a variance.

Where do I get a permit for door-to-door sales?

Contact City Hall at 903-756-7502.

Do I need a Garage Sale Permit?
Yes. Permit may be obtained at the Linden Police Department, 903-756-5544.

Where can I get my Drivers License in Linden, Texas?
Texas Department of Public Safety Drivers License office 903-756-8452 ext. 15811

Where can I get my Vehicle Registration renewed?

Cass County Tax Assessors office 903-756-5513

Where can I request a Birth or Death Certificate?
County Clerks office 903-756-5071

Is there any Low Income Housing available in Linden?

Linden Housing Authority                 Sullivan Companies
209 E. Frazier                                   200 Sunny Lane
Linden, Texas 75563                         Linden, Texas 75563

903-756-5901                                    903-756-5554

How do I Rent Park Facilities (pavilion, baseball field)?
Contact City Hall 903-756-7502

What are the Pet Rules and Regulations?

Is there a leash law in the City of Linden? YES
Do I need to register my animals? NO

Where can Voter Registration Information be found?
Voter Registration Information can be found at:
Cass County Tax Assessor's Office

What are the Garbage Rules and Regs?
What kind of garbage can I put in my container? Normal household trash
What will not be picked up by the garbage disposal company? Any dead animals, paint, tires, or appliances that use Freon. 
What are my options for excess garbage? Large items will be picked up when  space is available in the truck (usually Thursday).

Contact City Hall for more information at 903-756-7502.

Utility Services
How do I request utility service? Contact City Hall at 903-756-7502 ext.3
Where does my water come from? Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer
How is my water bill and/or sewer bill calculated? The water bill is calculated by meter usage and the sewer is calculated by water usage.

WATER RATES (Residential & Commercial) $15.80 for 1st 1,000 gallons/ $5.05 for each additional 1,000 gallons.

If I can not pay my bill by the DUE DATE, what happens?

Your service will be disconnected after the designated grace period.

How do I start a Business in Linden, Texas?
Business Start-Up Information
Contact the Linden, Texas Economic Development Corporation
Phone: 903-756-7774

Where can I find Genealogy Records?
Genealogy Records can be found at these locations:
Cass County Courthouse in Linden, TX. 903-756-5071

Linden Public Library, 220 S. Main St., Linden, TX, 430-218-8770
Atlanta Public Library located at 101 West Hiram Street, Atlanta, Texas

What facilities are available to rent for events/large gatherings?
This list of commercial buildings will rent their facilities for social events:

Music City Texas Theater
108 Legion Street
Linden, TX 75563
Phone: (903) 756-9934

Fairview Community Center
606 County Road 1625
Linden, TX 75563
Telephone: 903.756.3225 

Mary Daughety Senior Citizen Center
507 S. Kaufman
Linden, Texas 75563
Phone: 903-756-3907

Is there a place to get assistance paying my bills?

Community Services of Northeast Texas, Inc.
304 E. Houston St.
Linden, Tx 75563

Is there a "Meals On Wheels" program?

How do I contact the Salvation Army?

Cass County Salvation Army
c/o CSNT, Inc.
304 E. Houston St.

Senior care info: